Saturday, 14 December 2013

NOKIA Asha Webinar : Great way of Learning

          NOKIA is providing great online Webinar which are excellent source of knowledge.  These Webiner cover all important topics which require to develop great App for NOKIA Asha Devices and Window Phone. These Webiner are about new Features included , new platform Lunched and update made from time to time.These Webinar enable a person to attend a presentation and clear doubt though online group chatting.

I have attended NOKIA Asha Webinar in the Past. It was great learning experience and very helpful to in developing useful Apps for NOKIA Asha device. Here are the 6 Webinar I attended:

1." Introduction to the Nokia Asha SDK 1.0" : this webinar about new SDK available for new Asha 501 devices. this cover new Features , improvements . it also explain of controls it contain and how to use them in a App. This webinar was a excellent help for developer to start development for the new Asha Device.

2. "Introduction to the NOKIA Asha UI" : this cover how to create User Interface of Application for Asha 501 Device. it explain about the changes made in the controls so that they can better suit Asha Devices. It also cover some portion of how to porting existing java to Asha Platform.

3 "LWUIT for the Nokia Asha software platform 1.0" :  This Webinar covers new LWUIT components specially lunched for Asha Device. it explain in details about New components added to LWUIT like ContextMenu, TimePicker, DatePicker etc. and their working.

4. "Localising apps for new Nokia Asha phones" : This Webinar explain how to create Apps which support Internationalization . In other words how content of the App depending upon country in which App is running. by implementing this service it is possible to change the language or style of content. it shows how can we implement this in Asha App and translate content in different languages by usging services provide by

5. "Design Tips for NOKIA Asha Game Developer" : This Webinar provide very useful tips in the field of Game Development like Do and Dont in game development. Tips provided very useful, these helps to make one's game very successfully. In this nothing new was Explained but how to use existing knowledge to create better is explained. This was ny favourite Webinar.

6. "Camera, imaging on Nokia Asha platform 1.0" : This Webinar cover Image capturing, video Recording, Image Scaling API. this explain JSR, API and step by step code for capturing, recording and scaling work. 

Attending NOKIA Webinar is a great experience and fun. In Webinar Everything is Explained completely. Each new Feature is explained and then implemented my instructor so that we later not face any problem and even after that anybody face any problem, Group chat facility is provided to ask Questions.

 List of all the future Webinar and detail is provided on the NOKIA Developer site.  anybody can register. Generally Each is available in two time slot so that if a Person is not able to attend at particular time He/She can attend at other timing. and if someone is not able to attend Webinar at all then   recording and presentation of all Past Webinar is also provide so that developer can Watch and Learn.

Registering for an Webinar is very easy. with each webinar Register button is provided to register for that Webinar. on clicking that button. on clicking button user us redirected to adobeconnact page where user can register by filling own Details. I email is received by user with conformation details of registration. One Day before a reminder send to the user so that user can attend the Webinar on Time.  

In Last, i want to say that NOKIA Webinars are very useful and great source knowledge. NOKIA is really  doing hard work to keep Developer updated. NOKIA keep it up.


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